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Human Resources

We are one big family with 323 employees 232 of which are teachers...

Hisar School strives to attract and retain a first class faculty and staff. New recruits are expected to adapt well to the institutional culture rooted in the School’s values of academic excellence, honesty, caring, kindness, global responsibility, social awareness and highest ethical standards. Please see Hisar’s commitment to this policy in its Strategic Plan.

Investing in People

The Human Resources function at Hisar works towards developing and constantly improving formal and informal means to honor performance and loyalty. As a part of this effort, Hisar School invests in people through local and international professional development programs. For further details, please see the page dedicated to Professional Development.

Multicultural Work Environment

Hisar School employs both Turkish and international faculty and staff. Countries currently represented on campus are USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Venezuela and Spain. Hisar School makes a special effort to accommodate the needs of such a versatile population and also benefits from the multicultural environment it naturally creates on campus.

Compensation and Benefits

Hisar School makes a committed effort to stay competitive in comparison with top schools in Turkey as far as compensation and benefits are concerned. Benefits include:

  • Health insurance coverage for staff,

  • Transport to and from campus,

  • Discounts for cultural events which take place at the Hisar School Culture and Arts Center.

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