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Hisar School


Hisar School is a prestigious PreK-12 school located in İstanbul, Turkey with current enrolment of over 1,400 students offering quality education of the highest academic standard. Hisar's mission is to facilitate its students to discover and develop their true potential while providing an exclusive educational experience of the highest international standards, under the tutelage of the country’s leading academics.

Committed to a continuous improvement in learning, Hisar believes in the skills, resources, qualifications and the potential that exist in its students, teachers, parents and our community. Hisar's duty is to provide enhanced learning opportunities for students by supporting the best environment to realize their full potential.

Furthermore, Hisar School aims to transform their potential into reality and to help individuals acquire the skills, knowledge and responsibility to use their full potential at all times.

Hisar embraces diversity and gives importance to create an environment in which differences are recognized, appreciated and encouraged. According to Hisar's education philosophy, each student has the right to reach and further improve his/her true potential through the opportunities provided for him/her. In line with this philosophy, Hisar School focuses on creating a learning environment and structure in which students are supported to attain and fulfil their true potential.

Learning through understanding holds a natural place in Hisar's daily life. We believe that displaying high moral values, having a strong character, being socially responsible, being capable of questioning and being creative are all as valuable as academic achievement.

Founded by the Hisar Eğitim Vakfı, Hisar School takes pride in being an exemplary educational institution enlightened by Ataturk’s principles for the democratic and secular Turkish Republic.

At Hisar School;

  • We believe learning through understanding holds a natural place in our daily lives.

  • We are committed to a continuous improvement in learning.

  • We offer rich educational, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities for our students in facilities which reflect versatile learning environments.

  • We provide a high quality inclusive environment created by the mutual respect and interactions characterized by trust among students, as well as between students and teachers.

  • We believe in a strong work ethic and that this work ethic can lead us to high quality performance.

  • We promote full collaboration with all our partners in a democratic and transparent atmosphere, one in which each party is autonomous yet in coordination and cooperation. with all others.

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